Providing movie recommendations from the MovieLens dataset with Pytorch and fastai

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Over the years, recommender systems have become very popular (and lucrative) applications of AI. Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together,” feature as well as Netflix’s movie recommendations in particular have resonated extremely well with their customers while generating substantial revenue streams for the enterprise. While Amazon and Netflix are perhaps the best known examples of recommender systems, it also has wide applications for other companies, such as determining the content to highlight on a webpage, highlighting optimal cross-selling options, deciding what stories to show users on a social media feed and so on. …

Leveraging fastai and the Bing Image Search API to perform image classification on birds of prey

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I grew up in a family of avid birdwatchers, and although I haven’t been birding in years, I do have fond memories of birdwatching with my family growing up. As I’ve recently been experimenting with the Deep Learning for Coders course, I wanted to see if I could build a deep learning model that could accurately classify different birds of prey.

Data Collection

I decided to limit my model to 3 types of birds: eagles, ospreys, and red-tailed hawks. …

Leveraging geolocation data and k-means clustering to identify the best neighborhoods to open an Italian restaurant in Philadelphia

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Location is a critical factor for any business, and it’s especially important in the restaurant industry which typically operates on thin margins, relies heavily on foot traffic, and is heavily impacted by the level of competition in the area. While COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the industry, the vaccine rollout has provided good reason to believe that it will rebound over the next year, and that the fundamentals of the industry should remain relatively constant.

This analysis examines the restaurant distribution in Philadelphia neighborhoods, and focuses on identifying the best potential locations to open an Italian restaurant in…

David Dancis

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